Dr. Sue Morter - BodyAwake Part 1 and Part 2

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Direct Dr. Sue Morter - BodyAwake Part 1 and Part 2

Body Awake


Join Dr. Sue for a guided instructional series of gentle, conscious physical exercises and breath to nurture body and spirit. No experience necessary.

BODYawake™ I

This introductory program helps you naturally toward more perfect health and clarity by teaching you simple processes to:BodyAwake1Product

Neutralize unresolved emotions
Breathe for deep Peace
Release subconscious residue from past experiences
Relax muscle tension
Find your center
Return your body to its natural healing state


$129 for DVD/CD Set or $119 for Digital Download


BODYawake™ II
This second volume teaches you fun, simple techniques including:

How to restore the natural balance required for your nervous system to promote healing
Engaging the flow of energy essential to allow the natural prosperity intended for you.
Seven simple steps for dissolving stress and returning to your empowered state
Physical Movements, Breath Work, Vibrational Toning and Mental Focus techniques
Integrating Ancient Wisdom into the Central Nervous System for balance and healing in today's out of touch and high-paced culture.



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