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The Yii Book - Larry Ullman
2013 | ISBN: n/a | PDF | 360 pages | 3.5 Mb

Developing Web Applications Using the Yii PHP Framework" written by Larry Ullman and published over the course of 2012 and 2013. This book, and the selling of it, is a bit of an experiment for me, but I hope you'll be happy with the end result on all fronts.
"I had two goals in writing this book. The first is to explain the entirety of the Yii framework in such a way as to convey a sense of the big picture. In other words, I want you to be able to understand why you do things in certain ways. By learning what Yii is doing behind the scenes, you will be better able to grasp the context for whatever bits of code you'll end up using on your site. This holistic approach is what I think is missing among the current documentation options.
The second goal is to demonstrate common tasks using real-world examples. This book is, by no means, a cookbook, or a duplication of the Yii wiki, but I would be remiss not to explain how you implement solutions to standard Web site needs. In doing so, though, I'll explain the solutions within the context of the bigger picture, so that you walk away not just learning how to do X but also why you do it in that manner.
All that being said, there are some things relative to the Yii framework (and Web development in general) that the book will not cover. For example, Yii 1 defines many of its own data types, used in more advanced applications. Some of these are replicated in PHP's Standard PHP Library, which will be used in Yii 2 instead. This book omits coverage of them, along with anything else I've deemed equally esoteric." - Larry Ullman

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